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For transferees and transferors

Have you heard the topic of “successful business succession” 100 times, attended countless events and everyone always tells you the same thing?

"It's so difficult to find successors..."

"This is a process that takes years..."


Discussions about how a company is evaluated for succession and what financing options exist for takeovers.

Information on legal issues that play a role in business succession, such as contract law, inheritance law and the tax implications of the transfer.

But no one speaks openly and honestly about how disastrous some company successions are and why they ultimately failed?

I don't mince words and use real examples from the German economy to show how even apparently perfectly planned (tax, legal, financial) successions became a disaster for those involved and why this could happen.

For creative thinkers

What do corporate successions and martial arts have in common?



At first glance, nothing. Let yourself be surprised and dive into the world of martial arts with me. Learn how you can derive an excellent strategy from this and minimize the dangers that you will encounter on your way many times over.

Not just in company successions, but also in other areas of your life and work.



Luisenstraße 4

32052 Herford

Tel: +49 (0) 175 456

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