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Way out of the corporate succession dilemma

Immerse yourself in a world of comprehensive and detailed analyzes that focus not only on your company, but also on you as the transferee and transferor. This consulting program goes far beyond superficial considerations and brings to light weak points and hidden damage that you may have previously overlooked.

Your benefit:

  • You will receive valuable templates and concepts for which you would have to pay up to 50,000 euros* from other consultants

  • Well-founded analyzes with a concrete action plan for implementation

  • You save a lot of time, your greatest asset, because this program delivers results that take other consultants years to achieve

  • Your personality develops optimally in the process so that you can calmly master every challenge

  • Every interim result is analyzed and discussed together with me (Zoom meeting).

  • You get the main risk factors and the critical path of your company succession in black and white

  • You can use everything you develop in this consulting program again and again in the future and thus continuously optimize your company

  • no unnecessary meetings or workshops, here everything is applied and implemented directly without long chats

The consulting program is divided into 3 main modules, each with 5 sub-modules that guide you step by step through the process. And best of all: the processing time depends entirely on your own pace. I know that time is a valuable commodity and that's why I allow you to set your individual time frame.

Change management and professional communication strategies are not only discussed, but you will also receive the immediately applicable essence to make changes effective. Together we will develop a detailed action plan that will pave the way for you to concretely implement your company succession.

The focus is not only on the structural takeover, but also on increasing and stabilizing the character and professional suitability of the transferee. Because success is not only based on numbers, but also on the right personality traits.


Once you complete the program, you will also be optimally prepared for the next company succession.

* Approximate figures, depending on the total value of your company

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