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Strategy and tactics for your life's work and beyond.

Shape the future today.
For Your company and your life.

Succession Done right.

Precise. Sovereign. Completely.

At the center of enormous external pressure and chaotic day-to-day business, a successful entrepreneur is faced with the almost insurmountable task of regulating his successor or having his successor take over as company successor. For both of them, a legacy that not only aims to continue a life's work, but also questions their own egos, always accompanied by the fear of making wrong decisions.


How can I help you?

I am dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in the planning and concrete implementation of seamless company transitions. My mission is to protect them from the avoidable pitfalls that can not only be costly but also severely impact their nerves and quality of life.


My goal is to give you a deep understanding of the succession process (with all its consequences) and security and clarity, and thus to establish you in your new role as the head of your company.


Together we will develop a vision of your future, for your company and your life as an entrepreneur, and ensure that we sustainably secure your success at all levels.


Who am i?

With my diverse experience - be it as the takeover of a hotel that made me the youngest independent hotelier in Germany, or as a co-partner in our own family business - I understand the unique challenges that company successions bring with them. In addition, as Head of HR & PR, I was able to experience the company succession in my ex-husband's family business and learned about the dark side of succession when a family breaks up.

These experiences combined with my international training in Germany, France, the USA, Spain, Malta, and Ireland have made me the specialist I am today. Thanks to my additional training in martial arts and as a certified business coach, I have acquired unique skills that allow me to react quickly to surprising situations.

Why am I doing this?

The battlefield of devastation that comes with incomplete succession planning is hard for me to bear. Poorly or incompletely implemented company successions leave predictable damage. Monetary, emotional and entrepreneurial.


There are too many consultants in this market who illegally enrich themselves with standardized solutions due to the uncertainty of the transferor and transferee and never (have to) accept liability if a company succession does not succeed or only succeeds incorrectly. The entrepreneur alone is liable, with his success, his money, his good reputation and, in the worst case, with his family peace.
And he usually faces these challenges all alone.


My drive to act as a mentor and reliable companion comes from the desire to protect you from the costly and avoidable mistakes that I had to experience myself. My own experiences with inadequately planned successions have cost me a lot of money personally - and that's just in terms of financial losses. The emotional and health impacts, not to mention the loss of quality of life, are difficult to quantify.


By sharing these experiences and my knowledge, I would like to support you to ensure that your business succession is well thought out, carefully planned and - more importantly - successfully implemented.

Secure your company succession now!

The dilemma
in company succession

  • Identity crisis for the transferor

  • Takeover challenge (technical, character-related, success-related) for the successor

  • Uncertainties are hidden behind original behavior and cause maximum confusion for everyone involved

  • Burden on the successors that they could be the generation that destroys the legacy / company

  • Pressure from outside (from banks, customers, employees, family members) to finally arrange the succession

  • Fear of making wrong decisions and thus endangering the company or legacy

  • Preservation of values and vision vs. innovation and development for future success

✅ Consultant trap: Is your consultant interested in developing succession planning with you quickly and in a controlled manner, or does he want to keep you in this process for as long as possible? Ultimately, you bear the costs for years of advice.

✅ Experience: At least the specialist consultants I have dealt with have never handed over their own company; let alone experienced this process several times themselves. Does he really know how you feel?

✅ Effectiveness: A company succession does not end with the handover of the keys. Have you been adequately informed about what will happen to you after the handover?

Why you should be critical?

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